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LogIT Microsense Sensors

Offering a full range of experiments with over 50 sensors available. All sensors can be used on Observer, Black Box, uLog and older LogIT Dataloggers

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K-Type Thermocouple Adaptor

K-Type Thermocouple Adaptor£74.00

For use with any standard K-type thermocouple.

Magnetic Field Sensor

Magnetic Field Sensor£75.50

Fexible probe with hall sensor at tip for electromagnetic field investigations in the lab.

Electrosmog Sensor

Electrosmog Sensor£77.50

A versatile and compact sensor for measuring high frequency radiation & radio frequency noise.

Pulse Monitor

Pulse Monitor£80.00

Connected to an earclip pulse measurements can be taken from the earlobe or finger

Barometric Air Pressure Sensor

Barometric Air Pressure Sensor£81.50

A sensitive air pressure sensor with sturdy connection for a range of common tube sizes. Suitable for general air pressure measurement, barometric pressure and sensitive enough for use as an altimeter.

Adjustable pH Sensor

Adjustable pH Sensor£85.00

Allows very accurate measurements to be taken by enabling the sensor to be calibrated to the electrode being used.

pH Sensor & Electrode

pH Sensor & Electrode£99.00

A high quality pH probe which is specifically designed for use by students. It has a robust body and a plastic protector for the glass bulb at the sensors end.

Air Pressure Sensor

Air Pressure Sensor£104.00

A sensitive air pressure sensor with sturdy connection for a range of common tube sizes. Ideal for general dry air or gas pressure measurements.

Light Gate Vision (pair)

Light Gate Vision (pair)£105.00

A pair of self contained LED light gates (70mm gap), designed primarily for timing the movement of objects.

Linear Accelerometer

Linear Accelerometer£115.00

Single Axis Linear Accelerometer.
The linear accelerometer is a small robust sensor for measuring acceleration, including acceleration due to gravity. It is also able to detect tilt angle (relative to vertical), making it a useful general purpose tilt sensor.

Movement & Position Sensor

Movement & Position Sensor£115.00

Versatile rotation sensor with extremely low torque.

Redox Electrode

Redox Electrode£115.00

Redox Electrode for use with Redox Sensor

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Page 3 of 5:    54 Items