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LogIT Microsense Sensors

Offering a full range of experiments with over 50 sensors available. All sensors can be used on Observer, Black Box, uLog and older LogIT Dataloggers

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Spare Colorimeter Cap/Cuvette£10.00

Spare/replacement cuvette for colorimeter

Push Switch

Push Switch£17.50

Small push button switch to trigger and time events.

Light Switch Sensor

Light Switch Sensor£23.95

This sensor features a new design digital light switch which has an integral light guide to be used for counting and timing events which make or break an IR visible light sensitive path.

Light Sensor with Lens

Light Sensor with Lens£25.75

The basic light level sensor is designed for general purpose measurement of ambient light level. Supplied with lens system and coloured filter set for optics and general use

Designer Sensor Set

Designer Sensor Set£30.00

A pair of adaptors to enable easy connection to your own sensors. 1 analogue and 1 digital.

Smart Eye Light Sensor

Smart Eye Light Sensor£30.00

A general light level sensor

HiTemp Temperature Sensor

HiTemp Temperature Sensor£35.00

General purpose flexibel wire type of temperature sensor

ProTemp Temperature Sensor

ProTemp Temperature Sensor£37.50

A robust precision engineered sensor designed to measure temperature of liquids or soft soils etc.

Wireless Belt Heart Transmitter

Wireless Belt Heart Transmitter£38.95

For use with the heart receiver

ProTemp Sensor & Lead

ProTemp Sensor & Lead£40.00

This is a precision engineered sensor designed to measure the temperature of liquid or gas. It has a 180mm long stainless steel probe and is very robust. Supplied with a sensor lead

1 Volt Sensor Adaptor

1 Volt Sensor Adaptor£42.50

For connecting other sensors with outputs 0-1V to LogIT Dataloggers

Voltage Measurement Set

Voltage Measurement Set£42.50

Designed for general voltage measurement in electronic circuits or for connecting to other sensors.

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Page 1 of 5:    55 Items