Terms & Conditions

• All trademarks used on this website and our products are acknowledged as being the property of their owners and are only used for reference purposes.

• There are so many makes, models and variations of computer hardware and operating system software that it is impossible to test LogIT system compatibility with every one of them. Consequently our description of computer compatibility is general advice and neither LogIT World Ltd or its resellers can guarantee full compatibility with every computer and cannot be held responsible for the purchase of computers for use with LogIT.    

• Although many of our products are designed for use by children in an education environment they are not toys and should always be used under supervision. Whilst we offer instructions and guidance for use this should not be seen as a substitute for due diligence and risk assessment by the teacher or instructor.

• LogIT products are designed to UK and European safety and quality standards, many of which will also apply internationally but is not guaranteed unless

• Unless otherwise specified guarantee offers apply to UK customers only and are a return to base warranty, which in essence means that the customer is responsible for returning items at their cost and the cost of returning the product to the customer is met by LogIT World Ltd. Exceptions may be made for items which are ‘dead on arrival’ but in all cases where products are believed to be faulty the owner should should contact LogIT World Ltd before returning any item. International warranty terms will vary depending on country - contact the distributor for details.

• In all cases LogIT World Ltd’s maximum liability is limited to the original purchase cost of the product through their dealer, not consequential losses. As the decision maker it is the customers responsibility to decide whether the product they are purchasing is suitable for their needs.

• The range of educational resources and investigations offered in LogIT printed documentation, online, on CD and as multimedia files are aimed at various educational levels and abilities and it is for the teacher to decide what is appropriate to use. 
Whilst LogIT and supporting products are designed to be used by children, it is most important that the teacher reads any supporting notes because the teacher or technician may need to prepare some experiments and resources before the students.

• Many LogIT resources include a guide to safety but this is not substitute for the teachers responsibility to make suitable risk assessments before carrying out or allowing any student led experimentation.  A teacher has a duty of care towards their students to ensure experiments are appropriate, relevant and carried out within a safe environment.  
Please refer to the School head or Science departments risk assessment criteria and apply accordingly. Neither LogIT World Ltd or its resellers can accept any responsibility for safety or risk assessment. 

• The purchasers statutory UK legal rights are not affected.