Software Downloads


Please note that SensorLab Standard is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and is now included as standard in most LogIT sets.

SensorLab Plus software packs are also available for purchase by users of older LogiT software such as LogIT Lab. The Plus version adds extra features and also works with all current and past LogIT models - the software supplied with each LogIT set generally only works with that model.

A discounted upgrade pack is also available for anyone with a license for any version of LogIT Lab site license or SensorLab Standard site license.

SensorLab will run in evaluation mode after first installation - Activation codes for the downloads below to enable full functionality for the LogIT pack you have purchased are obtained by registering your software using the details from the license which is supplied with your LogIT set or software pack.

The exception to this is the new uLog USB sensors which will work immediately with SensorLab version 1.1.0 or higher without requiring registration or activation.


Please keep your license and activation code safe as new activation codes cannot be given out freely without your proof of purchase etc being provided first.


Installation Manuals (Click on the version you require to download the manual)

SensorLab for windows Manual
SensorLab for Mac OS X Manual
SensoLab for Linux Manual


Software Downloads

SensorLab for Windows

SensorLab for Mac OS X

SensorLab for Linux

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