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LogIT Microsense Sensors

Offering a full range of experiments with over 50 sensors available. All sensors can be used on Observer, Black Box, uLog and older LogIT Dataloggers

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Colorimeter Set

Colorimeter Set£110.11

The LogIT Colorimeter is an easy to use sensor which has a three colour solidstate LED light source

Infrared Sensor

Infrared Sensor£110.11

Measure and record infrared heat energy

Linear Accelerometer

Linear Accelerometer£110.11

Single Axis Linear Accelerometer.
The linear accelerometer is a small robust sensor for measuring acceleration, including acceleration due to gravity. It is also able to detect tilt angle (relative to vertical), making it a useful general purpose tilt sensor.

Adjustable pH Sensor & Electrode

Adjustable pH Sensor & Electrode£111.32

This pH Sensor & electrode allows very accurate measurements to be taken by calibrating the sensor to the Probe with pH and slope being adjusted.

HumiPro Humidity Sensor

HumiPro Humidity Sensor£112.21

A very high quality Humidity sensor in a robust luminium casing offering both rapis response with high accuracy and resolution.

Force Sensor & Accessories set

Force Sensor & Accessories set£140.00

A versatile and compact sensor for measuring Force in Newtons.

Ultrasonic Ranger VS

Ultrasonic Ranger VS£140.00

A high specification ultrasonic range sensor. The unit measures distance by timing an ultrasonic sound moving from the sensor to an object and its echo back to the sensor.

Conductivity Probe Set

Conductivity Probe Set£175.79

A robust temperature compensated submersible conductivity probe and amplifier set ideal for water quality measurement and testing

Streamflow Sensor

Streamflow Sensor£184.21

A robust water flow sensor specifically designed to be used in streams or rivers. The sensor is supplied with a 1 metre wading rod (2 part) and cable. Please note that this sensor does not work with the LogIT LIVE

Radioactivity Sensor

Radioactivity Sensor£250.26

Radioactivity sensor to measure the intensity of Radioactive sources. A very sensitive radioactivity sensor which can measure Alpha, Beta and Gamma emissions. With low power battery feature for long term half life experiments.

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor and Probe

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor and Probe£264.25

The latest version of the LogIT dissolved Oxygen probe has automatic temperature compensation and does not require a battery

CO2 Sensor

CO2 Sensor£283.25

A versatile and compact sensor for measuring gaseous Carbon Dioxide

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Page 4 of 5:    55 Items