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LogIT Microsense Sensors

Offering a full range of experiments with over 50 sensors available. All sensors can be used on Observer, Black Box, uLog and older LogIT Dataloggers

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ProTemp Sensor & Lead

ProTemp Sensor & Lead£45.00

This is a precision engineered sensor designed to measure the temperature of liquid or gas. It has a 180mm long stainless steel probe and is very robust. Supplied with a sensor lead

Pressure Mat Set

Pressure Mat Set£46.00

A pair of mats which when stepped on will trigger a timing event.

100mV Signal Adaptor

100mV Signal Adaptor£48.25

Contains an amplifier to enable connection of sensitive sensors or other equipment.

Current Measurement Set

Current Measurement Set£52.50

Current Sensor with set of cables & clips

Single Light Gate Vision

Single Light Gate Vision£55.00

A single self contained LED light gates (70mm gap), designed primarily for timing the movement of objects

Wireless Heart Receiver

Wireless Heart Receiver£57.00

A small receiver for use with Polar and other similar non-coded wireless pulse transmitters. Plugs directly into the datalogger or via a sensor lead

Sound Wave Sensor

Sound Wave Sensor£59.95

For displaying sound waves via the Observer Datalogger Screen or on a computer screen using Black Box or Voyager.

pH Sensor (std)

pH Sensor (std)£60.00

Standard pH Sensor for connecting to a pH Probe (can also be supplied). BNC connection

Ion/ORP & Redox Sensor

Ion/ORP & Redox Sensor£65.00

The ION/ORP Redox Sensor enables standard Ion Selective electrodes or Redox potential electrodes to be connected to LogIT dataloggers.

Sound Level Sensor

Sound Level Sensor£68.00

The sound level sensor is designed to measure general and comparative levels of sound

4-20mA Current Loop Adapter

4-20mA Current Loop Adapter£72.50

A industry sandard 4-20mA Current loop adaptor to link sensors & professional instruments to LogIT dataloggers.

LUX Sensor

LUX Sensor£72.50

Wide range sensor with integral high quality eye response filter making it ideal for calibrated ambient light studies

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Page 2 of 5:    54 Items