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LogIT Microsense Sensors

Offering a full range of experiments with over 50 sensors available. All sensors can be used on Observer, Black Box, uLog and older LogIT Dataloggers

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SPX LUX Sensor

SPX LUX Sensor£38.95

The SPX LUX sensor is intended for light intensity measurement, primarily the monitoring and recording of trends and changes in environmental levels of natural light.

Voltage Measurement Set

Voltage Measurement Set£38.95

Designed for general voltage measurement in electronic circuits or for connecting to other sensors.

Wireless Belt Heart Transmitter

Wireless Belt Heart Transmitter£38.95

For use with the heart receiver

100mV Signal Adaptor

100mV Signal Adaptor£43.42

Contains an amplifier to enable connection of sensitive sensors or other equipment.

Current Measurement Set

Current Measurement Set£44.53

Current Sensor with set of cables & clips

pH Sensor (std)

pH Sensor (std)£53.42

Standard pH Sensor for connecting to a pH Probe (can also be supplied). BNC connection

Sound Wave Sensor

Sound Wave Sensor£54.53

For displaying sound waves via the Observer Datalogger Screen or on a computer screen using Black Box or Voyager.

Single Light Gate Vision

Single Light Gate Vision£54.86

A single self contained LED light gates (70mm gap), designed primarily for timing the movement of objects

Movement & Position Sensor

Movement & Position Sensor£55.53

Versatile rotation sensor with extremely low torque.

Wireless Heart Receiver

Wireless Heart Receiver£55.53

A small receiver for use with Polar and other similar non-coded wireless pulse transmitters. Plugs directly into the datalogger or via a sensor lead

Sound Level Sensor

Sound Level Sensor£58.95

The sound level sensor is designed to measure general and comparative levels of sound

Ion/ORP & Redox Sensor

Ion/ORP & Redox Sensor£60.05

The ION/ORP Redox Sensor enables standard Ion Selective electrodes or Redox potential electrodes to be connected to LogIT dataloggers.

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