How do I store my pH Probes

24 November 2021  |  Admin

How do I store my pH Probes

How do I store my pH probes?

LogIT World Support solution: The basic answer is to keep the tip of the probe moist in a storage solution which can be mildly acidic (pH 4). By being mildly acidic, the tip is kept clean and makes the probe ready for use. You can buy a solution from here. 

If the probe dries out, then the use of the pH 4 buffer can allow continued used of the probe providing the probe can be calibrated (if using the adjustable adapter) or Tared to pH  7 if using the non-adjustable adapter.

Distilled water can be used to store the probe but it MUST NOT be stored in deionized water as this will cause damage to the probe as it tries to ionize the water and rapidly reduces the life of the probe.