Problems with DO2 Sensors and Probes

24 November 2021  |  Admin

Problems with DO2 Sensors and Probes

How do I calibrate my Dissolved Oxygen probe?

LogIT World Support solution: The best way to find out is to watch the LogIT World support video for calibrating DO2 either on Youtube or LogIT World website.


My Dissolved Oxygen sensor won’t calibrate to 100%.

LogIT World Support solution: There are a few reasons a DO2 probe won’t calibrate.

Firstly a dirty anode.  This is fixed by removing the membrane housing (if on) and using the fine emery paper, gently remove any build up on the Anode.  It should be silver in colour not a dull cream.

Secondly is a damaged membrane on the end of the membrane housing.  Try a new one.  The probe is supplied with spares.

Third, out of date electrolyte.  Make up a fresh batch of KCL solution (5%) or purchase a spare membrane set (D100107)

Fourth, make sure the water being used to calibrate is fresh and has not sat stationary in a tap for a few weeks.  This removes Oxygen from the water and will produce a low %age reading.  Ask me how I know?