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SensorLab Single User License

SensorLab Single User License£76.84

SensorLab software Single User License for all secondary Dataloggers


Pulse Monitor

Pulse Monitor£77.74

Connected to an earclip pulse measurements can be taken from the earlobe or finger


Adjustable pH Sensor

Adjustable pH Sensor£77.96

Allows very accurate measurements to be taken by enabling the sensor to be calibrated to the electrode being used.


uLog USB Sound Sensor

uLog USB Sound Sensor£80.11

Sound Wave analysis using scope mode & Sound level. Range: 50 - 100dBA


Explorer pH sensor & electrode

Explorer pH sensor & electrode£89.11

Set includes a pH Sensor and electrode connected by a lead for ease of use.


Explorer Motion Sensor

Explorer Motion Sensor£95.63

The Motion & Distance sensor plugs into Explorer and gives a live display of the distance a stationary or moving object is from the sensor.


pH Sensor & Electrode

pH Sensor & Electrode£97.58

A high quality pH probe which is specifically designed for use by students. It has a robust body and a plastic protector for the glass bulb at the sensors end.


Air Pressure Sensor

Air Pressure Sensor£98.75

A sensitive air pressure sensor with sturdy connection for a range of common tube sizes. Ideal for general dry air or gas pressure measurements.


iLog Junior Insight site License

iLog Junior Insight site License£99.00

The natural successor to Junior Datalogging Insight, iLOG Junior takes Primary Datalogging to a new level. A host of experiments can quickly be conducted using data-logging interfaces or sensors, and using it on an interactive whiteboard, a whole class can observe experimental results.


Light Gate Vision (pair)

Light Gate Vision (pair)£99.75

A pair of self contained LED light gates (70mm gap), designed primarily for timing the movement of objects.


Black Box Datalogger ONLY

Black Box Datalogger ONLY£100.68

Datalogger only


Redox Electrode

Redox Electrode£105.26

Redox Electrode for use with Redox Sensor

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Page 6 of 10:    111 Items