SensorLab Plus Site License

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In addition to the standard supplied software - Plus site License offers:

  • Set Up Templates
  • Calculation Data with Formula
  • Absolute Time & Date in Table Format
  • Variable Smoothing
  • Best Fit Line, Differentiation, Integration, Difference, Product
  • Overlay from Oscilloscope Traces and from Data Files
  • Resources and Work Sheets along with Setup Templates

Standard SensorLab Software features:

  • 4 user levels - Very Simple, Simple, Modest, Advanced supporting maximum pupil inclusion
  • Split screen options allows data to be seen as Graph, Table, Bars and big digits simultaneously
  • Auto detection of equipment
  • Export data in various formats including cut and paste directly into Excel or Inspire Data
  • Oscilloscope screen for live waveform display using LogITs Blackbox & Voyager
  • Autolog or manual settings
  • Snapshot or continuous readings
  • Fetch data stored remotely in any LogIT data logger
  • Real time direct measurement of time interval, speed, velocity, acceleration, momentum, kinetic energy, simple harmonic motion period
  • Overlay of repeated experiments
  • Date smoothing
  • Automatic or custom scales
  • Print results to any standard printer

Computer specification

Any computer hardware which runs one of the supported operating systems should run SensorLab equally well.
SensorLab has been designed to work with small screen Netbook computers, such as the Acer Aspire One and Asus Eee series.
The minimum computer specification required to run SensorLab is:
Screen - VGA (640 x 480 pixels) in 16-bit colour (64,000 colours)
Processor speed -  1 GHz single core 5 to 15 Mbytes depending on operating system


Linux -  typically 512 Mbytes

Mac OSX - 256 Mbytes for 10.4, 512 Mbytes for 10.5, 1 Gbyte for 10.6

Windows - 256 Mbytes for 2000 and XP, 1 Gbyte for Vista and 7

Ports - 1 free USB port (or serial port for older logger)