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LogIT Explorer 2

A versatile but simple device for use in science and maths: The Science & Maths Companion.

  • Explorer 2 has 4 built-in sensors: Light, Temperature, Sound and Pulse rate live on screen
  • Explorer 2 is portable to enable individual study inside or outside
  • Explorer 2 has a backlit LCD screen so can be used in the dark or in direct sunlight unlike most tablets
  • Explorer 2 displays data trends on its screen without connecting to an additional device
  • Data can be shared after experiments have finished
  • Explorer 2 has a built in Stopwatch allowing more functionality than just a data logger
  • Built in timed Maths quiz makes learning fun
  • Explorer 2 allows timing events of Speed and Time using just a torch or bright light
  • With the use of a lanyard, Explorer 2 is a great portable science kit in a box
  • Additional sensors include Temperature Probe, IR Heat probe, pH probe, Voltage and Motion
  • Uses the existing Explorer 1 sensors which a lot of schools already have
  • Very low power consumption: uses 2 x AA batteries (supplied), no need to recharge.
  • Software for the iPad is available free from the App Store and
  • Junior Insight for Explorer (single user licence) is available free for PC & Laptop. Site licence available at extra cost.


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Explorer 2 Starter Pack

Explorer 2 Starter Pack£249.95

Starter Pack includes:

  • Explorer 2 
  • Pulse Ear Clip
  • Single user license
  • Lanyard
  • Multi-foam
  • Gratnells Smart Case

LogIT Explorer 2 Five Pack

LogIT Explorer 2 Five Pack£1,098.95

Five Pack Includes:

  • 5 Explorer 2 dataloggers
  • 5 Pulse Ear clips
  • 5 Lanyards
  • Site License
  • 2 Multi Foam
  • Gratnells Tray & Lid

LogIT Explorer 2 Ten Pack

LogIT Explorer 2 Ten Pack£2,095.95

Ten Pack Includes:

  • 10 Explorer 2 dataloggers
  • 10 Pulse Ear clips
  • 10 Lanyards
  • Site License
  • 2 Multi Foam
  • Gratnells Tray & Lid

Page 1 of 1:    3 Items