Explorer 2 Starter Pack

Explorer 2 Starter Pack
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Starter Pack includes:

  • Explorer 2 
  • Pulse Ear Clip
  • 2m Fibre Optic Cable
  • Single user license
  • Lanyard
  • Multi-foam
  • Gratnells Smart Case
The backlit LCD screen can be used in the classroom or even outside in bright sunlight. Although extremely robust, a lanyard reduces the chance of pupils dropping the unit and the case is designed for younger hands and features an intuitive menu operated by just 3 buttons. The built-in stopwatch allows timing and speeds to be measured and the Maths quiz provides interaction that pupils are so familiar with whilst learning at the same time. Data can be stored and downloaded easily to a PC or Laptop via USB and via Bluetooth for the iPad. The software allows live viewing of results that can be projected onto a white board
Explorer 2 is a state of the art remote datalogger designed specifically for Key Stage 2 & 3 science and maths. Allows pupils to observe and measure Light, Temperature, Sound and Pulse straight out of the box without the need to connect to a computer or tablet, fulfilling the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum.  Also allows remote logging e.g. on the sports field with the pulse sensor or in a greenhouse measuring light, temperature and pH. The PC software also has cartoon visual representation of the changing measurements giving pupils of all abilities the opportunity to access these concepts. A versatile but simple device for use in science and maths: The Science & Maths Companion.
  • Explorer 2 has 4 built-in sensors: Light, Temperature, Sound and Pulse rate live on screen
  • Explorer 2 is portable to enable individual study inside or outside
  • Explorer 2 has a backlit LCD screen so can be used in the dark or in direct sunlight unlike most tablets
  • Explorer 2 displays data trends on its screen without connecting to an additional device
  • Data can be shared after experiments have finished
  • Explorer 2 has a built in Stopwatch allowing more functionality than just a data logger
  • Built in timed Maths quiz makes learning fun
  • Explorer 2 allows timing events of Speed and Time using just a torch or bright light
  • With the use of a lanyard, Explorer 2 is a great portable science kit in a box
  • Additional sensors include Temperature Probe, IR Heat probe, pH probe, Voltage and Motion
  • Uses the existing Explorer 1 sensors which a lot of schools already have
  • Very low power consumption: uses 2 x AA batteries, no need to recharge.
  • Software for the iPad is available free from the App Store and
  • Junior Insight for Explorer (single user licence) is available free for PC & Laptop. Site licence available at extra cost.