Current version numbers

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These are the latest up to date firmware and software version numbers for LogIT/Insight software and data loggers. (5/3/18)



SensorLab: 2.06

iPad SensorLab 1.02

LogIT Lab: 4.07p

Insight iLog Studio: 5.25

Insight iLog Junior: 5.25

Insight VideoLab: 6.04

Control Insight: 2.53

Junior control Insight: 2.53


Data loggers firmware version numbers

Observer 1.08

Voyager: 1.07p

DataVision: 1.14p

Explorer: 1.09

DataMeter: 2.01.05p


To update the firmware in your data logger, download the latest version of SensorLab (or LogIT Lab if still being used), connect the data logger and if the firmware is out of date, the update should start automatically.  If not, select the 'Reload loggers system software' from the administrator menu option under 'File'.


Note: If the reload option is greyed out (LogIT Lab) or missing (SensorLab), you need to activate the manager options.  To do this, hold down 'CTRL', 'Alt', 'Shift' and press 'T'.  Then select the manager option button in the window that appears and try reloading again.