Time Machine

Posted in Secondary Data Loggers


This is Time Machine, for all your classroom timing with experiments built-in all displayed on a large LCD screen - no computer needed!


• Choose what you want to measure - Time Machine can tell you how to set everything up

• Spend more time teaching science - Less time teaching how to use equipment!

• Time Machine is designed by the makers of LogIT - Thats why its so easy to use!

• Unique Key ResultsTM function - no software needed! - Paste readings into any spreadsheet or report 

• Always ready - runs for months on just one battery - No need for charging or adapters!

• Works with most standard LogIT digital sensors - Light gates, Push Switch, Pressure mat etc

• Impact switch and Sound Switch also available



The Time Machine is available on its own to use with your existing LogIT digital sensors such as light gates, or choose one of the value starter packs.

If you want to paste results into any spreadsheet or word program on a PC, Mac or Linux computer you will just need a USB cable - no software required!

Time Machine User manual