D100088 General light sensor

Posted in Secondary Sensors

 This product is no longer available.  Please see D100159 'Smart Eye' as a suitable alternative.

Description: The basic light level sensor is designed for general purpose measurement of ambient light level. It uses a sensitive silicon device which responds to a wide spectrum, including infra-red. It is filtered to reduce the effect of florescent lights. Due to its versatile wide spectrum it would not be correct to give it the units of LUX, so instead it is calibrated from 0% to 100% of its operating range.

Nominal Sensitivity: Bandwidth 450-1040 nanometres. Peak at 850 nanometres.

Applications: Monitoring say/night, plant growth, polarising lenses, rates of enzyme reaction, yeast growth, reflective properties of materials, strong infra red sources. Often used with a sensor extension lead.


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