D100084 Balance adapter

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Serial Balance Adapter user manual (PDF)

The following is a list of balances that have been checked for compatibility with the LogIT Serial Balance Adapter. They are organised by name of manufacturer. If your balance is not listed it may still be compatible, it is just that we have not tested it or been informed that it works.

A general Factsheet is available for download which gives information on the LogIT Balance Adapters and the type of serial balance required to connect to them (Balance Factsheet).

Datasheets are available for download which give the details of the connection and setting up required for the balances listed below. Some of the balances appear on a general datasheet while others have their own individual sheet - the sheets are in PDF format and require Acrobat Reader to view them (available free from www.adobe.com). In the majority of cases a simple lead has to be made to connect the balance to the LogIT Serial Adapter (instructions on how are provided).

Balance information.

A&D Company

GF Series /other A&D balances mentioned (A&D datasheet)


FB212 (General datasheet)

Denver Instrument Company

XP-Series (Fisherbrand DP Series) - This balance is not compatible with the LogIT Adapter due to its inability to transmit at 1200 Baud.

Mettler Toledo

College (College datasheet)
PM Series (General datasheet)


D Series (General datasheet)
TB061 (General datasheet)


Adventurer (Adventurer datasheet)
Explorer (Explorer datasheet)
Navigator (Navigator datasheet)
Scout II (RS232) (Scout II datasheet)
Scout Pro (Scout Pro datasheet)
CT Series (General datasheet)
TS 120 (General datasheet)

Philip Harris

HF400 / HF2000 (General datasheet)


2200CE (General datasheet)
1600C (General datasheet)


L220S (General datasheet)


Benchmark range of balances (Benchmark)

Please note:

Scout I / Fisher Education / Scout II (non RS232)
A special Microsense® Balance Adapter is available for these non serial enabled balances. Please see the Balance Factsheet.