D100054 Light Gate Vision (Pair)

Posted in Secondary Sensors

Description:A pair of self contained LED light gates (70mm gap), designed primarily for timing the movement of objects. When used with software, the light gate becomes a very powerful teaching tool as Acceleration, Kinetic energy, Speed and Time of objects can be studied.

  • High intensity visible beam which students can actually see & understand.
  • Versatile positioning using stand, rod(supplied) or standard tripod camera thread.
  • Gate indicator to assist setup and ensure reliable results.
  • Can be used in full class lighting or outside in moderate sunlight.
  • Super fast - current and future software compatible.


Scale: Light gate 0 to 200Hz (resolution 1 Hz).

Scale: Counting, 0 to 200 counts per second.

Scale: Rate, 0 to 250/min (resolution 1 Hz).


Applications:Measurement of time interval, speed, velocity, acceleration, momentum, kinetic energy, simple harmonic motion, period counting. Also study of propeller design (as a tacho), pendulum timing. Use of a mains power supply is recommended.


User manual